Is your cabler registered?

Why You Should Use an ACMA Accredited Cabler for Your Network Installation

Australia is serious about maintaining high standards on its telephone, internet, and network cabling in both the home and the workplace. When any cabling goes under floors or inside walls, it must be installed by an ACMA registered cabler. Failure to do so could result in stiff penalties and potential issues with insurance, building owners, and even the law if there is fatalit...Read more


WiFi Equipment 101

WiFi has become a ubiquitous technology which features in just about every piece of technology, from iPads to PCs, and mobile phones to cameras, WiFi is everywhere. 

It's a technology of convenience as it removes the need for untidy runs of cables throughout a building to connect mobile devices. Most home and office environments can make it tough to get a reliable signal in those little out of the way corners where there are lots of walls and other obstructions between the device a...Read more


Data cabling for home & office

Our digital world runs on data. WiFi is an excellent solution for temporary local connections, but it has severe limitations. WiFi's inherent insecurity, low bandwidth, and spotty reliability mean that data cabling is still the king for zipping information about the world at a fast enough pace to satisfy our insatiable appetite for information, and high-fidelity digital entertainment.

Year upon year, the world creates more and more data, creatin...Read more


4G mobile internet backup

The internet has become so ingrained in our modern lives that it can bring business to a standstill. To prevent such catastrophes and inconveniences many businesses and homes are turning to 3G and 4G mobile broadband as a backup to their standard ADSL or NBN connection.

Smartphone Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are a few solutions available to you when using 3G or 4G to replace your primary connection and using a smartphone's small sc...Read more


Why use a Telco Adviser

Today's digital world provides myriad ways to get connected and communicate with the outside world. The advantage of so many choices is that businesses and homeowners now have more variety than ever in both hardware and vendor solutions.

Of course, more choices also creates the unfortunate downside of making it difficult and time-consuming to find the best solution for your needs.>

Choosing a telecommunications solution can be quite a learning curve, and without experience in t...Read more


Power outage internet down

We have become so dependent on a reliable power supply to our homes and businesses that a sudden power outage can leave us wondering what to do next, especially when our communications get disrupted, and our landline and internet stops working.

Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if the problem is from your end, or if a power or network outage is the cause. Here are a few tips on what you can do to get up and running again, or at least alert you to...Read more


Set up a WiFi router

Easy Setup Guide on How to Connect a Wi-Fi Router

If you want the best performance out of your Wi-Fi router, then you are going to have to go beyond the basic default setup and delve a little deeper into your router’s advanced configurations. Don’t worry though, because we are about to show you step-by-step how to connect a Wi-Fi router, so it performs at its best.

Setting up your new router is a bit like unboxing a new PC; you wouldn’t expect to be able to turn your compute...Read more


Can 5G replace my NBN

5G  - What is It, and Can it Replace My Home and Office Internet?

At the dawn of mobile phone technology, there were 1G phones, which gave users the capability for low-quality voice calls transmitted over an analog wireless network. The G stands for generation, and the first generation of phones was prone to security issues and woeful battery life.

Subsequent generations of mobile phones (2G, 3G, and 4G) introduced more power ...Read more


Connect granny flat to NBN

If you have been wondering whether you can connect your granny flat to the National Broadband Network (NBN) the short answer is yes, there are a couple of solutions. Extending the internet connection from the main house via WiFi is one solution, albeit not the most ideal. Interference and signal degradation over distance is a major drawback.

WiFi will also negate a lot of the broadband speed advantages the NBN provides. Plus, you will also be relying ...Read more


You need a registered cabler

Even if you think you're getting the best possible speed out of your internet connection, it can still be a good idea to have your cabling checked out by a registered cabler here's why.

Do You Know if Your Cabling is Safe?

If you are moving to a new premises, you can't be sure that all of your existing internal cablings are safe and installed to code. All it takes is one mislaid cable by a non-professional to start a fire or create an electrical hazard. ACMA registered cablers ca...Read more