Even if you think you're getting the best possible speed out of your internet connection, it can still be a good idea to have your cabling checked out by a registered cabler here's why.

Do You Know if Your Cabling is Safe?

If you are moving to a new premises, you can't be sure that all of your existing internal cablings are safe and installed to code. All it takes is one mislaid cable by a non-professional to start a fire or create an electrical hazard. ACMA registered cablers can examine your cabling to ensure it's safety, and make recommendations to rectify it if it isn't.

You Could Achieve Faster Internet Speeds

Now that the NBN rollout is in full swing and more landline phones move over to using the internet, you no longer need all those old telephone sockets. Having new sockets installed will prevent dropouts and could even increase your upload and download speeds. 

Your professional Telco Adviser will be able to go through and remove excess telephone sockets, while also updating the ones where they are still needed. New outlets will allow a clean signal to get through unhindered, and so increase your overall internet speed.  

Remember, all cabling work needs to be carried out by licensed professionals, so if you think your internet and data cabling is holding your connection back from its full potential give your local Telco Adviser a call today.