WiFi has become a ubiquitous technology which features in just about every piece of technology, from iPads to PCs, and mobile phones to cameras, WiFi is everywhere. 

It's a technology of convenience as it removes the need for untidy runs of cables throughout a building to connect mobile devices. Most home and office environments can make it tough to get a reliable signal in those little out of the way corners where there are lots of walls and other obstructions between the device and the router. 

Here's a rundown on the most common types of equipment you will see in the home or office, to ensure a strong WiFi signal from all areas of the building. 

WiFi Router

WiFi routers give wirelessly connected devices a line to the outside world via the internet. The router can be a standalone device connected to a modem for receiving the internet signal, but it is also common to find the router combined into a modem as a single device. 

WiFi routers are also useful for creating internal networks, so devices around the home or office can communicate and share files without having to be physically connected. 

WiFi Range Extender

If it's inconvenient to run cables to a room which is unable to receive a reliable signal, a range extender can be placed in an area where the signal is still strong and rebroadcast it to areas where the signal would otherwise start to weaken and become unreliable. 

Range extenders are only as good as the signal they receive. If the signal is weak, then the rebroadcast signal will also be weak, which means they may not be the best solution for bandwidth-heavy applications such as streaming.  Also, extenders operate on a different wireless channel to your router.  

Access Points or WiFi Network Extenders

Like range extenders, an access point creates a stable WiFi signal where the router signal doesn't reach. Unlike range extenders, access points are physically connected to the router via way of an ethernet cable. 

The physical connection will ensure a much stronger and more stable signal than a range extender, which makes them the best solution for gaming, streaming, or watching online video.