We have become so dependent on a reliable power supply to our homes and businesses that a sudden power outage can leave us wondering what to do next, especially when our communications get disrupted, and our landline and internet stops working.

Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if the problem is from your end, or if a power or network outage is the cause. Here are a few tips on what you can do to get up and running again, or at least alert you to the fact that you need to call your provider for a solution.

The first item you should check is whether there is power coming to your internet hardware. After checking that no power cords have come loose, power cycle (turn it off and on again) and then check if there is any life in each of your devices power-on LEDs.

Your network equipment will also have indicators letting you know whether or not you have access to the outside world via broadband. 

Should you have no success, it may be time to call your Internet provider to determine the state of their network. If they are not currently experiencing any outages, then it's possible a fault has developed in your equipment.

Waiting in a queue for a technician to take your call can be incredibly frustrating, especially in a business environment where every minute of a communications blackout will cost money, so it's good that you have a second option.

Rather than potentially lose thousands of dollars, Telco Adviser will be more than happy to take your call to help you get your communications and internet service back online without the wait.