If you have been wondering whether you can connect your granny flat to the National Broadband Network (NBN) the short answer is yes, there are a couple of solutions. Extending the internet connection from the main house via WiFi is one solution, albeit not the most ideal. Interference and signal degradation over distance is a major drawback.

WiFi will also negate a lot of the broadband speed advantages the NBN provides. Plus, you will also be relying on the skills of the tenant in the main house when you need technical support, which is impossible if they aren't home and your connection is down.   

The ideal solution is to have the NBN equipment connected directly to the granny flat, but this will depend on whether the granny flat is considered a separate dwelling from the front house. If the address only has one application listing in the NBN database, then your property will only have one hand-off or lead-in assigned to the property. An application request will need to be made to either Telstra or the NBN Co to have the network infrastructure outside the main property upgraded.

You have probably realized by now that an NBN connection to your granny flat could potentially mean hours of phone time with support staff, but you can expedite the procedure by talking to your local Telco Adviser who will help you manage the application process.

Short of a direct connection, you also have the option of extending your network out from the main house to the granny flat. Usually, this will involve using CAT5, CAT6, or standard telephone wiring. A registered cabler must also install the new cabling. 

Again this is not an ideal situation, especially if you don't have the best relationship with the tenant in the main house, or they take issue with you sharing their NBN connection. The most efficient course of action in this situation is for you to call up your local Telco Adviser and use the advice of an experienced professional.