The internet has become so ingrained in our modern lives that it can bring business to a standstill. To prevent such catastrophes and inconveniences many businesses and homes are turning to 3G and 4G mobile broadband as a backup to their standard ADSL or NBN connection.

Smartphone Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are a few solutions available to you when using 3G or 4G to replace your primary connection and using a smartphone's small screen is not a suitable solution. Android and iOS operating systems both have settings which allow a smartphone to share their internet connection with other devices via the settings menu.

The above solution is suitable for most home use on the rare occasions the cable connection becomes unavailable but for mission-critical business applications a more convenient and automatic solution is needed.

Broadband Solutions with 4G Backup

There are several Australian internet service providers offering internet plans which have 4G backup solutions.  Subscribers on these plans receive a modem which automatically routes to a 4G signal when the primary internet connection goes down.

A Smartphone hotspot is a practical solution for the average person at home, but such a solution would be prohibitively expensive for the small to medium-sized businesses needing around the clock internet service. 

A 4G router with a fall-back to a suitably priced mobile broadband plan is still more costly than cable broadband, but it will allow a business to carry on servicing its clients and suppliers whenever standard internet is not available.